I live in Michigan. We generally never see the kind of devastation our fellow Americans see in southern or western states from weather or wildfires. We do get wildfires up north that can destroy hundreds of acres of forest, but those areas are sparsely populated. We do experience blizzards and horrific winter storms, but those last for a week at their worst and people know how to survive those here. 

When I see events on my television like Harvey, and what is most assuredly going to be Irma, my heart breaks. I end up having to turn it off. I want to send every penny I have, every article of clothing I own and take myself there to volunteer. 

I can’t begin to imagine that kind of loss and yet I often watch because people seem to be able to carry on. Sure, many are shocked, but many have this newfound sense of community and love for their neighbors and family that they didn’t have before. 

For me, it’s that part that always reminds me that something amazing can come out of the darkness of a powerful storm. It doesn’t always have to be just death and destruction. Sometimes it’s life and hope too. 

My prayer is that while Irma is coming to a Crescendo in Florida, that the people there can find some light when this is all over. I desperately fear for them, but pray they see hope on the other side.


6 thoughts on “Irma 

  1. Thanks for your prayers, Irma will be making history here in Florida. I’m inland in central Florida and have had some of the basic essentials since hurricane season started here back in June. Now that Irma is knocking at the back door we went and got some more stuff earlier in the week to make sure dad, turtle, and the doggies are all good to go.

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