It’s becoming increasingly obvious to me that a major key to my vulnerability to anxiety in particular is sleep. 

If I don’t get enough, the world sort of ends for me. I get irritable but mostly because I get panicky because everything becomes overwhelming and overstimulating and I get completely freaked out about it. 

I can’t handle anything mildly intense for the same reason. I get anxious about it and it ratchets up the intensity of whatever I’m dealing with into “insanity” in 0.2 seconds. 

Lack of sleep can also trigger a mood episode for me that can last much longer and do far more damage than one day without a nap. This more than anything is what makes sleep Priceless.

Since I generally wake up pretty early without exception, I do have to regulate my bedtime to ensure that I get enough hours in. I feel a bit like a child, but it’s worth it if it keeps my sanity in check. 

It’s the same conclusion I came to about the handful of meds I have to take and the cutting of alcohol and other substances out of my life. If that will help me feel better, so be it. I’ll live like an 80 year old if necessary. Feeling terrible is not worth it. 

Sleep is also just nice. I like it. I will be continuing to work on regulating it. 

Image from Pixabay 

2 thoughts on “Keys

    1. Yes. Today for instance I didn’t get enough sleep so I had to take a long nap. It helped a lot. Anxiety is a HUGE issue if I don’t sleep enough. I have only recently put that together, but it makes sense.

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