Not getting enough sleep is the monster that hides in my closet. It is the best way to make me vulnerable to all of the other emotional variations possible and even tojeopardize  my safety. 

For that reason, it’s Critical that I sleep for at least 7-8 hours a night. I notice an impact on my mood almost immediately when I do not. 

I’ve seen it argued in various corners that Bipolar Disorder is really simply a sleep disorder. While I don’t subscribe to that theory, I do see why someone would say that. The states I experience can be heavily impacted by sleep, although many other things can impact them as well. 

Yesterday, my mood didn’t dip much but the anxiety I experienced was not a lot of fun. I was pushing frantic, actually starting on Wednesday afternoon, and I wasn’t coping well at all yesterday with it. I woke up today in a much better place after 9 hours of sleep. I can already tell I feel tons better. 

Self care is vital. If I feel myself slipping, it’s time to throw the brakes and take care of it then. I’m very fortunate that I am able to slay the boogeyman when I need to. 


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