The word “recovery” gets tossed around in mental health circles all of the time but I am not sure what it means. 

Does it mean that I am well enough that I don’t need services anymore? I don’t think I ever get to the place where I don’t need a psychiatrist and therapist to help me navigate this bipolar thing. 

What does it mean? That I am off of disability and working? I don’t consider some McJob, when I have two college degrees, a success or any kind of real recovery for me, so that can’t be it. 

Living on my own? If I’m destitute and barely making ends meet and miserable and hating my life, how is that recovery?

Is it just functioning better? Okay. What are the goal posts? Functioning better at what? What am I reaching for? I’m confused. 

It’s really hard to say you are attempting to achieve something that isn’t defined. 

We need a better word. 

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2 thoughts on “Recovery 

  1. I hate the recovery word, it brings up more questions than answers. I’ve been told “you are now in recovery” wth does that mean? Glad to know I’m not the only one with this feeling

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