Yay!!!!! I’m so excited! 

I’m going to a volunteer orientation on Wednesday to volunteer at a really cool local food pantry. They do amazing things and help out a ton of people every month. 

The best part about this pantry is that they let people “shop” for items that they really want as opposed to just handing them bags of things that they may not like or won’t use. It’s determined based on household size, and points are given for so many bread items, meats, dairy, etc. A family of four can usually fill their trunk on a weekly basis at this place. It’s a wonderful asset to the community and somewhere I’ve been wanting to volunteer for a long time. 

This was the major phone call I was waiting on today. I just wanted to get into the Wednesday volunteer training because otherwise I would have to wait for a month. Boo. 

The coolest part about this organization for me is that my grandparents used to volunteer here when I was growing up and it was a much smaller operation, so I am thrilled to carry on that legacy in my family. So excited! 

This is one of the first steps of me taking my life back. I couldn’t be happier and not be episodic. Really. 

Life is not all better here but I see light. It’s been so long since I’ve seen any that the faintest glimmers of hope here are bringing me a lot of joy. It’s silly but, true. 

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