I almost made it through the entire large group of DBSA tonight. 45 minutes of it. I might have made the entire thing, but it was easily 80 degrees in that room. 

I don’t know about anyone else, but my meds make it so I overheat easily and can’t cool down. I started feeling lightheaded and sick and so it was necessary for me to go out into a cooler area. 

Unfortunately, this area isn’t much better so I am not exactly cooling off. It’s still 80 outside…

Hopefully the small group rooms are cooler because right now I do not feel very well. This is one of the side effects of psych meds I could live without…

C’est la vie! 

2 thoughts on “Almost…!

    1. Thanks. I was sleeping! I was actually pretty proud of myself for making it that far into the meeting since I hadn’t gone for a few weeks and had a bad experience with it triggering me before that. The heat in the room just did me in lol. It is still a win though. Thanks for being kind.

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