My trumpet with two medals I won and one from my grandfather or father from when he was in band from the state. 

I used to play trumpet pretty well. I was first chair solidly through middle school, and in the first trumpets even as a freshman in high school (I dropped out of everything after that, so I cannot really tell you how I would have done later on). 

I loved playing though. I picked it up again in my mid twenties and began taking lessons but I broke my arm and it ended up in a cast so I couldn’t play again for a few months and then I became too busy. 

I picked it up again today. 

Turns out, I can still play a scale and not sound like a duck. My tone is still pretty good and I remembered most of the notes. This is excellent news! I need a creative outlet that I can improve in and eventually take some lessons in, and a classroom setting is not likely at the moment. Individual lessons with a tutor though? Totally can handle that. 

Now I am in no shape yet to pay someone to tutor me in sucking. I seem to be able to handle that all on my own at the moment. My range is awful and my embouchure (how you hold your mouth on the mouthpiece) definitely needs some work to get a solid tone, but I’ve heard worse.   The point is there is hope.

I’d like to eventually be able to play with a local band or at least in the orchestra pits of community theatre musicals in the area. We have several community theatres and I would love to play as part of one of those productions. I used to do a ton of theatre on stage, back stage and with direction, but it would be fun to be in the pit. 

So that is a new goal. I have this gorgeous trumpet and it’s in good repair and I would just like to be able to enjoy creating music again as part of something. It’s a really cool feeling to be a part of a choir or a band/orchestra. I’d like that a lot. 

Finding hope in the little things today. Have to somewhere. 

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