I once said I knew enough about computers to be dangerous. That is true. I know Jack about HTML. I’m old. I’m 37 and I’ve never had to code anything. I’m just having to learn really basic crap just to use WordPress. 

So I tried to do the daily post thing. It’s not showing up. 

I suspect because I didn’t do the pingback thing correctly. I assumed it was a simple matter of copying and pasting the code, but… it doesn’t appear to be the case because 2 hours later, it hasn’t shown up on the main page. 

So, tomorrow I will try using the direct posting link and if that doesn’t work, I will give up on attempting to do the Daily Prompt thing. At least until I can more effectively use HTML. I feel like Khan Academy or someone online has to have a course I can train myself in the basics with. I feel like an idiot. 

Right now it’s just finding the motivation to teach myself new tricks. I want to learn things but I also want to curl up in a cave. It’s 3:30 here and I am done for the day. Done like dinner. I just want to find some pajamas and go to sleep. 

It’s sad but I am even dreading DBSA tomorrow. I’m not sure if I want to do that anymore. At least for a while. It feels… like work. It used to feel like help. Now it feels like effort. A lot of effort. I don’t really want to share and it’s murder to just sit there. I know that is selfish. Depression is selfish I guess. 

Back to my cave. 

**A nap and staring at the HTML situation one more time had me realizing that I had the “send and receive pingback” options turned off for some reason. I’m assuming that was/is my problem. I fixed that and did a little update to my post so perhaps that will fix my problem.**


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