New medication today after seeing my psych PA. It’s a blood pressure med but it’s supposed to help with anxiety too so here’s hoping. She also approved my increase in my antipsychotic so that was good news.

I am also now the proud owner of a blood pressure cuff since I have weird blood pressure issues (usually it’s on the higher end but it varies) and so with the new med I need to chart it for a while. 

Having a medicalert bracelet and a blood pressure cuff doesn’t make me feel like I need a retirement home at all. I mean, somehow since I am on the social security list I’m guessing, I get mailings from the large retirement community here trying to sell me on it. I also get notices about hearing centers etc. I even got an invitation to join the AARP. It’s amazing when that shows up and I’m 37. I love it. 

Honestly, I find it mostly amusing. It only stings a little sometimes when I’m already feeling a bit beaten down. Usually I just giggle. I did call the AARP and ask if I really could get their discounts now as a joke and to get off their list.

Anyway, so I’m hoping for no weird or strange reactions that send me to ER. Goodness knows I have had enough of them. We will find out tonight!

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