Some day a medical student in this country will be required to compete more than a 4 week rotation in psychiatry before they are loosed upon unsuspecting psych patients in places like emergency rooms.

This doctor, who wanted to give me haldol or I don’t even remember what, but they both involved akathisia, hadn’t bothered to view my extensive allergy list before offering me those meds. I suggested he do so because there are 26 allergies on it, 20 of which are psych meds. 

This man stood in the hallway talking to the nurse saying, “well are they real allergies or are they on there because she doesn’t want to take them?” 

Really motherfucker? I fucking LOVE being sick. Could you buy into any more stigma? Any more proganda foolishness about non-compliant psych patients? 

I went into the hallway and told him that most of the reactions were documented in his ER so it shouldn’t be hard for him to see it I was telling the truth. 


Stigma is everywhere. I tolerate it exactly nowhere. 


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